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Textiles 1:Mixed Media for Textiles – Assignment 5 – A Final Piece – Video Tutorial Formative Feedback Summary 14/12/16

For this assignment, I chose to have my formative feedback via Skype and this is a summary of the video conversation on 14th December, 2016 from my tutor, Rebecca Fairley.

“Overall this is a considered and well-developed body of work. Your final pieces are interesting and engaging. They are playful, inventive, clever and individual, expressing well a conclusion to this course in mixed media for textiles. There is evidence of a high level of craftsmanship in the final work and throughout the assignment with an innovative use of textile techniques as a print medium.

The work shows a good use of the creative process (drawing, research and sample making) to develop and resolve ideas. Throughout you have demonstrated your ability to use judgement to pick out strong ideas and to create pleasing compositions.

Throughout this assignment you have gathered and used appropriately some valuable research material. In putting it alongside your own work with your analysis you have demonstrated a clear understanding of how looking at and examining the work of others helps to develop your own practice.

I suggest you continue to work on ways to analyse the work of others and reflect on your own creative output. Remain in touch with those feelings that suggest something is going well and is exciting you. Consider print as a drawing technique and look for inventive approaches to textiles.

Pointers for assessment

  • Include all work at assessment
  • Reread your feedback forms to check you have used all the tutor suggestions
  • Look at the learning outcomes and the assessment criteria to judge whether your work has met the requirements
  • Refer to the assessment guidelines on the oca website, Research ▷ By Course Area ▷ Textiles ▷ scroll down to page 2 ▷ Assessment Guidelines: Textiles
  • Aim to organize your work so that the assessor can see the five parts of the course clearly, that samples can be handled easily and your strongest work is seen first

Well done Nina, I have really enjoyed working with you and wish you every success.”