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Assignment 5 – A Final Piece – Stage 7 Reflection

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Before making any decisions regarding the final piece, all of my course work from Mixed Media for Textiles was reviewed.  I looked in detail at everything I had enjoyed and that had created a spark.  Listening to my ‘gut reaction’, I decided to develop printing with stitch.   I felt some conflict as I could see that casting into stitched vessels had potential and had to fight the feeling that I ‘ought’ to follow that lead.   I tested the theory by pinning pages from that workbook on my pinboard and displaying cast samples but could not feel enthusiastic at the prospect.  In the meantime, I was stitching and printing and jotting down ideas at every opportunity, so the decision was made, and it is very satisfying to feel to my core that I have been true to myself and developed areas that are most dear to me.

Reflecting on the final piece against the assessment criteria:

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

Selecting quality inks, papers and equipment suited to purpose and analysing the skill of other artists has helped me hone my methods and improve my practice to demonstrate good technical skills.  Using my observational skills to examine and reflect on mine and others art work has helped me to identify how line, space, shape, colour, texture and value has been used by others and how to use those elements to best effect in my own work. This is demonstrated having looked at the work of Sophie Munns & Leslie Avon Miller

and then experimenting playfully with collage, screenprinting and layering.

This coupled with reminding myself to consider materials, colour, placement, texture and finish as recommended in the course notes, has resulted in increased competence in visual awareness, design and compositional skills, illustrated in the harmony, variety, balance, rhythm, pattern and movement shown in the final series of artists’ books.


Quality of Outcome

The workbook and online learning log are presented in a logical and consistent manner, clearly indicating my thoughts and actions.  I am particularly discerning in the choice of materials and colour palette in the workbook, keeping a consistency in presentation throughout.  I have practiced with printing tools and materials regularly, immersing myself in the subject to build on the skills developed in Assignment 4’s mono and collatype printing, enabling me to apply the knowledge gained and communicate ideas. The emphasis on studying my own work and making considered choices, as recommended by my tutor, has without doubt resulted in a higher quality of outcome.

Demonstration of Creativity

I have used my imagination to stitch creatively onto a variety of materials to prepare components for printing and experimented with different methods of applying ink to create a variety of values.   My personal voice is developing, enabling me to communicate my ideas, but I would suggest that identifying what lies behind my ideas and using my personal voice to express deeper feelings is an area for development.


As recommended in my last formative feedback, I have paid particular attention to my critical and reflective thinking skills which has been beneficial.  I repeatedly reviewed and reflected on aspects of my work enabling me to make effective judgements about what to take forward and what to leave.  In particular I think that analysing the work of contemporary artists has helped keep my work experimental and current.




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