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Assignment 4 – Mono and Collatype Printing – Formative Feedback

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Formative feedback via video 5/10/16

Key points

This is a well-organised assignment with a large range of well-executed prints. There is detailed investigation of methods, techniques, placement and colour palettes leading to the production of some considered and pleasing outcomes. I suggest your next step is to review the whole course before making any decisions about assignment five. Write this up in your learning log, being explicit about your decision-making and how you plan to develop the work in the next part of the course.

Summary of tutorial discussion

In this assignment you have investigated a wide range of other art works and used what you have learnt well in your own creativity. The analysis of the research material is of a high standard as you pick apart the work you look at.

Your drawing skills continue to develop, well done for keeping on top of this and continuing to practice. I suggest you push your self to draw regularly perhaps joining a life drawing class and try to ignore your negative thoughts.

I suggest the area that needs most development is your critical and reflective thinking skills – this is where you are studying your own results and make judgments. Try to look at your own work in the same way as you study the work of others. In your reflective writing evidence how you demonstrate visual awareness, design and compositional skills for example. Explain in your learning log how you used discernment to make your choices and develop the work. It is evident you are doing this in practice the next step is to include it in your writing.


Tutor name Rebecca Fairley
Date 5th October 2016
Next assignment due 5th December 2016

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