Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

The Padstow Mussel Co. – Gyotaku by Susie Ray

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Some of my OCA peers brought this artist to my attention.  A tutorial was also repeated on BBC2’s Countryfile on 18th September, 2016.  I love the mottled quality of the prints, the added texture of the cloth used for printing and the blue black ink.  I believe the prints on cloth are then scanned and printed on paper.  Delightful. (accessed 19/9/16)

Cornish Fish Rubbing Pictures – Gyotaku

Cornish Fish Rubbing Pictures – Gyotaku by Susie Ray. A stunning range of beautiful prints from the original artwork. Gyotaku is a 18th/19th century technique used by Japanese Fishermen to visually record new species of fish they would catch.

The original method was to use edible ink and rice paper, Susie looking to create a more precise finish uses oil paints and cotton cloth, on locally caught Cornish fish from Padstow to Newlyn. The texture of the cloth gives each image a wonderful depth and really makes the ‘Fish’ stand out.  (accessed 19/9/16)


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