Nina's Textile Trail 2

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MMT 4 – Monoprinting – Exercise 3 Back drawing


MMT 4 Workbook 1 pages 49-65

My first foray into back drawing with stay open inks was less than successful, with way too much ink on the plate, the second, below was a little better.


The third where most of the ink was removed and the plate well burnished produced the best of the three.


Trying at home with Georgian water mixable oil colour finely rolled onto the plate, and hastily back drawn with a kebab stick was loose and expressive.


Looking at the style of Paul Gauguin’s monotype’Seated Tahitian Nude from the Back, a photocopy of an original drawing from the Molding and Casting Workbook page 52 was used as inspiration and back drawn with a biro, with lively results.  Although looking at Gauguin’s work, he adds different textures by putting pressure on the paper, perhaps with fingertips whereas my attempt has only one type of line.


A ghost print was taken on newsprint.  I love the quality and smoothness of the charcoal black background.


The following was intended to be a drawing of a cast piece but the sharp kebab stick and blunt chop stick used produced such similar width lines, the original intention was lost. Again the marks are too alike.  As a pair, the ghost print onto newsprint provides a good contrast.

As posted earlier, a wrapped jug was drawn onto the plate and the wrapping thread back drawn using a earlier drawing as inspiration.  The print captures the movement and energy of the original drawing and feels successful.





2 thoughts on “MMT 4 – Monoprinting – Exercise 3 Back drawing

  1. Interesting to see the original and ghost as pairs. I am envious of your drawing skills, your lines are really strong and loose.

  2. Your drawing comments are very welcome, thank you, I enjoy drawing now, but still have to persuade myself to do it!

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