Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

MMT 4 – Monoprinting – Exercise 2 Drawing onto the printing plate


Workbook 1 pages 38-47

A quick sketch of a dahlia was used as inspiration.


Using Hawthorn Stay Open CMY printing inks, dry paper and a floor press at Ochre Print Studio, the following were attempted.  In the first, the marks were indistinct as too much paint was used and I omitted to paint the negative space.


The second attempt used less paint and a pre-mixed lime ink.  The left hand side of the picture was more appealing, with clear, energetic marks representing petals and a good contrast in the lime green background.  On the right the definition and brush marks were lost with too much paint being applied which quickly soaked into the very absorbent Arches 88 paper.


The third attempt wasn’t really an improvement on the above.  Having run out of lime green, magenta was used on the background which detracts from the flower.  There is still slightly too much paint in places but the brush technique for the centre of the flower has potential and the energy is maintained in the negative space.


The last painted in this way on an A5 perspex plate has had the whole plate gently blotted with kitchen roll, adding a faint new texture.  Using CMYK , the colours are simple but effective, there is good texture and the white of the paper in the negative space is adds value.  Overall it felt like good progress.


Using up the ink and adding marks with a kebab stick, the following A4 whirling catherine wheel was produced.


Combining process cyan and magenta an A4 perspex plate, was inked up and brushed into a vortex with a 1″ wide brush. The colours are lovely and the movement evident.   The actual print is a little more effective than the photograph.


Taking inspiration from a drawing from Assignment 3, a background and jug was painted and drawn into for Exercise 3 Back Drawing.  Before the back drawing, it was a little disappointing but the added lines and black marks have transformed it:

Workbook 1 page 65


The print is a delicate balance of colour with lots of energy and movement.  The softly sponged background offsets the jug and strong back drawn lines well.





2 thoughts on “MMT 4 – Monoprinting – Exercise 2 Drawing onto the printing plate

  1. Great lines with so much energy and I love the jug, really effective.

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