Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Visualizing Research: A guide to the research process in art and design

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The above book written by Carol Gray and Julian Malins and published by Ashgate was recommended to help me with the use of metaphor when reviewing mine and the work of others.

I borrowed a copy from Farnham UCA library and must confess to giving it my attention rather late in the assignment.

Thinking I had an understanding of metaphor, I was surprised to find how difficult it was to get my head around.  I understand well known metaphors, but however much I looked at my work, I couldn’t quite work out how to apply the principle to describing art.

Eventually, I downloaded the book Metaphors we live by, written by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson which helped me see how frequently metaphor is used in daily conversation.  Looking back through my workbook, I tried to identify appropriate metaphors where possible.  I hope my thinking is along the right lines and will give it more attention in Assignment 4.







a fossil?


another fossil?


a woven stream? – a streambed?


crumpled paper?


Inflated pillow?


plump cushion?


invisible buttons?


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