Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

MMT Part 3 Molding and Casting REFLECTION

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This has been a thoroughly enjoyable assignment. With so much possibility, materials and ideas to explore, it was a little overwhelming at times.  One of my aims for this section was to focus more.  I did and was more productive with my time, but may still have got carried away with amount of materials tested and samples produced.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I was pushed to explore and develop new technical skills and believe I was successful.   I have continued to demonstrate good visual skills in the choice of materials, colours and presentation, but realise I need to work more on thinking visually.  Lifetime habits of note taking and listening with a pen in my hand, writing to help assimilate information need to be exchanged for visual notes.  I have gained confidence in recording information visually but it is not yet a ‘habit’, more of a conscious decision.  Developing visual ‘note taking’ will improve my practice.  The basis for good design is continuing to grow.

Quality of outcome

Good research into the materials and observation of others’ work helped to produced a quality outcome, with a variety of content, good, clear presentation of learning log and workbook.

Demonstration of Creativity

Risk taking has increased with broader experimentation and invention.   The more creative approach to a workbook introduced for the last assignment, which fuses the research into materials and artists with my own sampling is continuing to fuel ideas and develop my skills and personal voice.  Greater creativity in drawing is evident.


Research has continued to be broadminded and there has been reflection, whilst looking at new material in context has been helpful.  A better understanding of metaphor is developing with perhaps less of a focus on critical thinking throughout this assignment.  I do however have a good understanding of the benefits of reflection, research and critical thinking  and am working on achieving a balance between all the assessment criteria.


Referring back to Formative feedback pointers from Assignment 2

  • Feed back from assignment 2 was reflected upon, more drawings were added, as was comment on TED talks.
  • I have taken more risks and been creative (although perhaps not as playful as I could have been)
  • I have drawn more samples but more, even more regularly would be good and aid playful creativity.
  • I have continued to be broadminded in my research investigation.
  • I have developed my understanding of metaphor but the development of language when discussing my own work and the work of others had less of a focus this time.

Overall, this was a successful and productive assignment which has enhanced the development of skills and confidence.

I look forward to video feedback and am excited at the prospect of exploring and developing printing skills in Assignment 4.








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