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MMT 3 – Molding & Casting – Sorting

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Reviewing the samples created during this assignment, the following techniques or samples are considered worthy of further development.

Molding paste to capture or create texture, particularly for collagraph (next assignment)

DSCF5968Soluble paper proved a quick way to capture texture, as long as there is enough time for it to dry.  The way the paper picked up colour from the wood block or leaf created a lovely patina and the methods of Josh Monroe who produces woodblock prints with ink and paper pulp could be explored to develop this further.

Using fine hand made tissue in whole pieces as paper mache produced a lovely translucency, natural colour and good texture.


Whilst some of the samples were quite straight forward, my enthusiasm for the characteristics of hand made paper was fuelled by making and couching hand made paper onto different surfaces.  I am very keen to explore making finer, translucent paper or pulp for couching or casting.

Enormous satisfaction was found capturing the texture of my stitched pots with heat ‘n form block and printing with them.

Researching and experimenting with paper clay was definitely a highlight.  Assembling the textured pieces with staples, creating a wall hanging sample has lots to offer.  The variety of textures, the subtle use of colour and negative space created are all worthy of further development.


I really felt I learned from the molding and casting of liquid materials.  I was taken aback by the detail I could achieve with a few ingredients in my kitchen and was keen to understand and perfect the techniques, I could happily have explored further.  Although, I think that I was driven by the need to master the method and understand the materials more than the actual materials.  Maybe I could be persuaded, I was excited by the potential of alginate and hugely encouraged and satisfied by the results of my sewn vessels as containers and definitely want to explore the versatility of soluble film.


One thought on “MMT 3 – Molding & Casting – Sorting

  1. There are some really exciting ideas and samples here. Lovely and imaginative.

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