Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Blind Continuous Line Drawing

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Feedback from Assignment 2 recommended more drawing, starting with continuous line drawing in a wide range of media.

The following clip was suggested.

It was very helpful.  I have practiced blind continuous line drawing before, but was surprised at the difference if I blocked my view of the paper with a pad in front of my eyes. I hadn’t realised how much I cheated before trying this method.

It was useful to start each drawing with a quick blind sketch and then to continue drawing using the same principles but with an occasional look.  Most of the drawing in this assignment was with my attention firmly on the object rather than the paper, with satisfying results.

A variety of media were used and the more I did, the more relaxed and quicker I became.  I can see there is still room for many more quick observational sketches but feel by working this way, I have broken the habit of trying to produce a detailed ‘finished’ drawing and am better equipped to use drawing as a tool.



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