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MMT Part 2 Joining and Wrapping REFLECTION

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(Paper Learning Log Page 51)

This assignment has been approached in a more holistic manner.  I chose to compile a paper log and to blog its contents in full.  One is not a direct replica of the other, but in the main, both contain the same material.  It was valuable to be able to build a record of my work by adding and moving pages until it compiled a comprehensive record of my learning.  This was more time-consuming than focusing on the online log, but infinitely more creative and successful for me.

Using the assessment criteria first, I will reflect on the assignment and conclude with my overall thoughts.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I feel strongly that my visual awareness, observation, design and compositional skills have improved during this assignment.  This is as a result of careful consideration of the work of other artists, attention to detail in photographing my samples and more scrutiny when drawing.  The same level of analysis and investigation has refined my use of materials and techniques.

Quality of outcome

I questioned my initial results of the joining exercise considering them trite, but once I relaxed and combined the results of my research, materials and methods, the quality was evident.  Working in a paper log made it easier for me to make connections and I feel the coherent presentation of the work reflects and communicates a successful combination of research, drawing, outcome and thoughts.

Demonstration of Creativity

Working in this more ‘holistic’ way improved my creativity.  The regular revision of work sparked connections, with new research encouraging a more broad minded approach which fuelled my imagination and ideas were far more forthcoming than previously experienced.  This was helped by three one-day workshops at my local sixth form college in the Textile department which were hugely inspirational.  In particular the work and sketchbooks on display and the wealth and generosity of knowledge shared by the Tutors.  I have been more experimental and inventive, but appreciate that a bolder approach with unusual materials is expected.


I had difficulty relating some of my research on joining to my samples, but as I worked through the exercises and into wrapping, referencing more practitioners, the context became clearer and more habitual.  I feel I have gained a genuine understanding of the benefit and necessity of broad, considered research.

Observations in relation to formative feedback from Assignment 1

Belatedly referring to my feedback from Assignment 1 in the context of Assignment 2, I have acted on some of the pointers and there is room for more work on others.

Although I explored new materials, they were not as interesting and unusual as some I might have chosen. I found it difficult to chose and learn from materials I don’t like but have been more adventurous than previously and feel this style of course is ‘setting me free’, but its very much a work in progress.

Different media & methods have been used for drawing and I have a newfound confidence in this area which has developed throughout the assignment and during workshops so is a little late.  I have drawn more, but not enough, although I have used photography to ‘see’ in a way that drawing enables, so feel progress has been made.  I will work on drawing more regularly with ‘a loose expressive style’ and to experiment further with scale.

I have definitely been more analytical with my work and others and identified what I can learn from the experience.  There has been an increase in the range of words used to describe what I see, but I haven’t delved into how things make me feel.  I have thought about placement and composition in my work, which I think is illustrated but not documented in writing, nor have I commented on either in the work of others.

In addition to the above, I could improve my working methods to make more effective use of time.

In conclusion,  I feel this was a very successful assignment which I have enjoyed and can clearly see and feel my progress and growth in confidence.  I wasn’t always comfortable with the exercises or materials, but made it work for me.  The paper learning log encouraged a more cohesive approach and a satisfying outcome.  The research had a notable impact on my work and influenced creativity.

My aims for the next assignment are:

To draw my samples regularly using a variety of media and scale.

To extend the analysis of my work and others, including how it makes me feel.

To be more experimental with materials

To continue to develop organised working habits.





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