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MMT Part 2 Joining & Wrapping Further Research – Wrapping Natural Materials


(Paper Learning Log Pages 37-38)


Tim Johnson

There is a wealth of lovely work with natural materials  and some successful educational community projects on his website.   In the context of the wrapping exercise, his piece ‘this n’that’ included in the above Pinterest selection provided inspiration.

The texture and tones of the natural fibres unite the collection, the differences in binding, neat and even, neat and crinkly, bulging, twisting, curving, each shape interesting and as a whole the negative space adds interest.  So many ways to wrap and bind, so many materials, difficult not to be overwhelmed with choice.

Hannah Lamb

From her series Mapping Hirst Wood 2010, small bundles of cloth dyed with natural dyes  and collected material include lovely earthy tones, visual and actual texture, woollen cloth, dyed and pieced as a background, telling a story of the woods.

Ines Seidel

There is so much to like about this artist, particularly for the next assignment, but in this context, simple combinations of natural plant stuffs and words (newspaper or book pages) wrapped.  Much of the work references stories, playful interpretations with a careful selection of limited materials.  Each surface/texture contributing to the overall assemblage, showcasing the beauty of natural texture, keeping components simple.

My samples with materials from the garden or local area:


Materials used, crocosmia leaves, aquilegia stems, carex buchananii, contorted hazel, birch twigs, cordyline leaves, ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens, birch twigs, woody heather stems, raffia, sisal, linen, silk tussah, cashmere threads, jute scrim.

This was a relaxing and enjoyable exercise for a sunny Good Friday afternoon. As a collection they work well together.  Individually some are more interesting than others.  The limited palette and textures of the natural materials are appealing and the silhouette of the structures engaging.  The contrast of fine dried grasses and thicker leathery leaves adds value.   Hours could be wiled away trying different combinations of materials and techniques.  It was an easy activity for me and rewarding but perhaps not really challenging, although I have gained an understanding of the much used phrase ‘a sense of place’ and can see that a thorough investigation of my garden or local area would produce lots of matter for combining and manipulating to tell a story.

The aged, worn, heather stems from Hindhead Common are very effective.  The weathered surface like driftwood, smooth and worn.


3 thoughts on “MMT Part 2 Joining & Wrapping Further Research – Wrapping Natural Materials

  1. This is a visual treat. Stunning post to look at.

  2. Thank you, I love to work with natural materials

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