Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

MMT Part 2 Joining & Wrapping Stage 1 Project 1 Joining Exercises 1 and 5

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(Paper Learning Log Pages 13-15)

Exercise 1 Joining straight flush edges and Exercise 5 Forming corner and angles


Kraft paper joined with antique faggot hem stitch using linen thread, creating a very efficient two way hinge capable of forming corners.  Each piece easily rotates the full 360º around the other.  Using the same stitch with khadi paper and blanket below. The stitch can be diagonal or straight.

This stitch allows two pieces to sit neatly on top of one another when folded, making a feature of the join.


Trying different stitches to the same effect, a humorous fail occurred, when confidently using blanket stitch.  Stitching through both pieces at the same time doesn’t create a hinge! – it is necessary to alternate between the two pieces to create a two way hinge which opens flat.  This stitch, open cretan stitch and button hole insertion stitch created joins capable of producing an angle and corner and suitable for hanging pieces, but none were quite as effective or neat when folded as the antique faggot hem stitch.


Best M, Lugg V, Tucker D & Embroiderer’s Guild Practical Study Group (1984), Needlework School, Windward pp136

Tinkler, N (2011) Handbok of Quilting & Patchwork Stitches Search Press Ltd p 181 & 183



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