Nina's Textile Trail 2

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Sketching and working methods

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In relation to my working methods and drawing to record research and samples, I’ve had a bit of an epiphany this week.  (Defined as “a moment of sudden and great realisation” in oxford dictionaries online).

At the end of my reflection for assignment 1, I identified that I think better with a pen or pencil in my hand, that I instinctively take notes and that trying to adapt this way of working to include sketching might help me integrate drawing more into my work.  The good news is that it does!

The biggest revelation is the realisation that to work creatively, I need to work in a paper learning log, as I just don’t think as visually when using a keyboard.  Although this could be seen as a great deal of repetition, a more positive viewpoint would be to see it as a opportunity for more reflection and to add further comments.

So, my cards are on the table, there will be more drawing because I will be working a pen or pencil in my hand.  No pressure then!


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