Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Project 2 – Tearing & Cutting – Research Exercises 4 & 5, cutting holes and creating flaps

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Researching Tearing and Cutting I was fascinated by the variety of work achieved by cutting holes & creating flaps:

Marc Fornes

I was enthralled by Marc Fornes installations, in particular the colourful outdoor pavillions created with ‘perforated metal shingles’, in consideration with this exercise.   The structures are huge organic shapes in bright colours, wonderful for an area used by children.  The holes are cut into metal tiles and assembled, creating lovely repetitive patterns when looking through them to the sky above or area behind, but the added delight is the beautiful shadows created on the ground below, ever changing with the light.

Meredith Woolnough

Although Meredith Woolnough doesn’t cut holes she creates them with her incredibly detailed lacy embroideries and I was reminded of her work when looking at the ‘lacy shadows’ of Marc Fornes’ installations.

Peter Callesen

A paper cut artist who has created many pieces from a white sheet of A4 paper, whose cuts transform the paper into 3d art forms.

Can a plain A4 sheet of paper animate tragedies and comedies? Peter Callesen’s hands can. With his technical brilliance and his subtle instinct for the fragility and bewitching potential of human life as well as of the material, he carves meaningful stories out of something as ordinary as the white paper from the printer tray. (Mørch, 2015) (accessed 9.11.15)


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