Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Project 2 – Tearing & Cutting – Exercise 4 Cutting holes & Exercise 5 creating Flaps

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For the first sample, we are asked to start with a group of rectangles cut using a craft knife. This was a bit dull, but improved when laid on a piece of hand dyed fabric and became a little more interesting when a second sheet was cut and the two layered and backed with a piece of blue paper.

Inspired by the work of Kristiina Lahde, I cut into an old envelope using straight lines.  My cutting was unplanned, I didn’t work out the best spacing for maximum impact so it was largely unsuccessful. Laid on red fabric, photographed and two small sections cropped from the whole, it was somewhat redeemed.

Thinking about exploring the effect of light by creating shadows and holding up to window, a piece of packaging illustrated how the same cuts could produce different shadows depending on the angle of the light.

Cutting into another used envelope, I used more curved cuts and cut some holes and some flaps working intuitively.  With more thought given to design, this would be interesting to develop.  Contrast of the white inside of the envelope against the black sugar paper is striking and energetic although the black flaps are a little lost in the background.  The white on the red fabric gives an idea of how the flaps could be used as part of the design.

Added to that the curvaceous lines created lovely shadows.

Changing the shape of the cut to a triangle, I attempted to cut into the balsa wood of a cheese box, intending to create flaps.  The flaps snapped off on bending, but even the simplest design can be enhanced by lighting and it produced delicate flower shaped shadow.

Continuing with the triangle theme, flaps were cut into a small piece of origami paper and the shadow photographed. This bore resemblance to Mark Fornes & THEVERYMANY‘ structures, which create lacy patterns on the ground below, and could be developed by joining a series of squares cut with the same pattern.  The origami paper was too lightweight and needed a bulldog clip to help it stand up, but a heavier paper or light card would work well.

The square of paper was rolled into a cylinder and held with masking tape and lit from inside creating patterns.  The flaps enhance the interest by adding texture and the reflecting light off the white reverse of the paper.


To make a comparison the flaps were removed and the paper re-photographed. I prefer the cuts with the flaps as they add more detail.


One thought on “Project 2 – Tearing & Cutting – Exercise 4 Cutting holes & Exercise 5 creating Flaps

  1. Your paperwork are really energetic. Love the shadows too.

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