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– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Project 1 – Folding & Crumpling – Exercise 2 – Rotational accordion pleats


Referring to the course notes and Paul Jackson’s Folding techniques for designers: from Sheet to Form, rotational accordion pleats were explored. The red origami paper is cut into a circle approximately 14cm diameter, the orange, an A4 sheet of copier paper. The pleating gives the paper strength and shape, the folds hold their structure well and the paper is transformed into a more dynamic form.

Following the above tutorial, the tree on the left below was folded from origami paper 15cm x 15cm and a second tree from a sheet of printer paper 21.5cm x 21.5cm

Thinking about how Paul Jackson colours his paper with dry pastels, starting with a square of rice paper 46cm x46cm, a further tree was folded, then crumpled, unravelled and coloured with green pastels, fixed with three sprays of Sennelier fixative for soft pastels:

and refolded and torn to finish the design. The rice paper is softer to work with than the origami and printer paper and is more difficult to crease sharply before it has been crumpled, but after crumpling the creases are softer.  The rice paper tree is less stable than the other two and whilst I prefer the crumpled texture and the potential for personalising with added colour, it hasn’t worked as well as I’d hoped.  It may be better in a smoother paper.


Quite interesting lit from within, even more so in real life, photography skills slightly lacking!



For interest, a piece of crumpled gold tissue from an earlier exercise was also folded in the same way.  It had lost more body than the rice paper and tore easily so was even less successful than the rice paper tree, but interesting to compare the forms.


V-Pleats demonstrated in the folding techniques video are illustrated below.  These were very satisfying to make and the lightweight origami paper was transformed into a striking structure with the ability to open and close.  Quite enlightened for a girl who was previously unattracted to pleats…





Jackson, P. (2011) Folding techniques for designers: From Sheet to Form. London: Laurence King

Japanese Rice paper




2 thoughts on “Project 1 – Folding & Crumpling – Exercise 2 – Rotational accordion pleats

  1. I’ve learnt so much from your blogging on this exercise and resource. Thank you! It’s looks like it’s been a very productive time for you!

  2. Thanks, Lottie, I’ve been having fun, keeping my head down to meet deadline in early Jan. Glad to see your creativity’s been flowing and looking forward to catching up with everyone’s blogs over Christmas.

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