Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Project 1 – Folding & Crumpling – Exercise 1 – Linear accordion pleats

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I’m having to eat my words here – having rejected any form of geometric precision  and folding in favour of other exercises, I have realised that the process can help inform working with crumpled paper, so here I am creating accordion pleats.


I’m a bit impatient precisely folding from edge to fold, eager to move on to something less formal.  The paper is uninteresting in feel, look and colour.


The feel of the old music is warmer, softer, more pleasing.

Taking an idea from the Paper Sculpture scoring section of Paul Jackson’s book, an A4 sheet of copier paper was folded into accordion pleats, cut in half diagonally, glued and pinched at one end to create half leaf shapes.


I like the way a rectangle can be transformed into a curved shape with pleating and the play of light and shadow on folds.


The leaf shape above is pleasing but the contrast placing the second half the opposite way around is more lively.


A happy accident on the right, glued on one side at the base, on the way to a leaf shape, makes a lovely sculptural shape.  The music adds visual texture to the pieces.

The same technique was applied to the gold tissue paper used in the linear crumpling exercise in the previous post with fabulous results.



I love the texture and scale; the light reflecting off the multitude of ridges; the shadows in the depth of the creases; the strong lines and form in the previously fragile tissue; the papery rustle as you pick it up.


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