Nina's Textile Trail 2

– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Project 1 – Folding & Crumpling – Exercise 5 Basic Crumpling Technique continued.


During my explorations on basic crumpling, some experiments were more successful than others.

My attempt at a crumpling technique, introduced by Paul Jackson but developed by Vincent Floderer and executed by Erik Gjerde in the following youtube video, didn’t display the same qualities.

The pink tissue began to hole towards the end.  By the final unravelling, it was floppy and difficult to reverse the peaks and folds as directed.  My creasing and folding was less careful and the tissue insubstantial.  I tried again with the white waxed tissue.  This held its form better but was harder to crumple, my technique and the paper contributing to the less than crisp outcome.

When exploring cellophane, I was keen to try the orange with the bronze tissue, but the bronze tissue was overworked by this point, (annoyingly I only had one sheet) and had lost some of its lustre and form.  No placement of the two materials resulted in anything dynamic enough to take forward at this point.

When moulding the rolls of masking tape, thinking about repetition and placement, a black tissue and a patterned tissue were introduced.  The form was lost with the patterned tissue, less pronounced with the black and the combination didn’t entice me to develop further.DSCF5025


2 thoughts on “Project 1 – Folding & Crumpling – Exercise 5 Basic Crumpling Technique continued.

  1. thank you for this share! I have been inspired to try this technique.! 🙂

  2. It’s quite addictive, have fun!

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