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– Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles

Preparing for Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles

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The introductory email from my new tutor suggested revisiting the OCA website, the guide to keeping sketchbooks, learning logs and the Introduction to HE.  It has been enlightening.  Although familiar to me, different points came to the fore and forgotten details were refreshed.

Thinking about learning logs, a pen and paper is more familiar to me than a keyboard.  The physical qualities of a notebook, the feel, the weight, the combination of materials and the convenience is more preferable.  The online log removes some of the spontaneity, some of the copyright issues are frustrating if the site is public.  Some work is duplicated, copied from a notebook to the blog which seems time wasting, more contrived, but may give more opportunity for reflection.

Thumbing through a tactile book bursting with papers, drawings, colours and words is so much more inspiring to refer back to than an online blog.  A book encourages better discipline for me, however, it is easier to insert photographs online and there are huge benefits from sharing and following blogs with other students.  So it seems a combination of notebook or workbook and online learning log is best with a concerted effort to avoid too much duplication and to blog regularly to capture more thoughts and feelings.  Also to include more exhibitions, discussions and sources of interest.

Right now, WordPress on a mini iPad is driving me mad.  The keyboard is too small to touch type and the software is predicting text etc.   I am definitely not meeting the challenge!   Using the iPad to take pictures at my desk and blog seems logical but uncomfortable.   During the last course, everything was photographed in the best light which involved carrying armfuls of papers and samples up and downstairs, to and from my study area. This is less practical with the MMT course, where a photograph and notes with each step seems more appropriate.  A well lit area in my studio space, my camera and a return to the desktop computer is probably the answer.

Considering sketchbooks, most important is the need to develop regular habits.  Loose leaf pages, collated and bound before submitting to the tutor is appealing this time, with a transportable book to keep handy when out and about.

Reviewing the Introduction to HE study guide raised a few questions and highlighted areas for consideration, not least to refer to the UCA Harvard Referencing Guide which includes far more detail than remembered from my initial encounter. Reading through the learning cycle and reflection was thought-provoking resulting in a better understanding of the need to put my learning experiences in context and relate them to my own practice and research.


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